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The word “DANDY” comes to a meaning “GREAT”; ” EXCELLENT” and the word “MART” gives the meaning of “TRADE CENTRE”, a place which deals with buy and sale. The word DANDY is been taken from one of the South-eastern Suburbs of Melbourne called DANDENONG which has been identified as one of the most multicultural suburbs in Melbourne populated Dandy Mart known as DIVISION of DARYABI ENTERPTISES PTY LTD, located in Dandenong, Providing Fresh HALAL Meat , European Grocery , Organic Dry Fruits, Fresh Dairy Products , Variety of Pickles from European and Asian Countries.

As Australia is multi-cultural Country, different people belong to different country and they loves different food that belongs to their country especially, we are proud to stock  in-demand range of expertly selected products knowledgeable by Melbourne’s exquisite taste for International taste. We carry thousands of products from , all available at the shop located in Dandenong.

We are open 7 days a week and 12 hours a day. We believe smile has no cost, that’s why we always welcome our customers with smiley face and particular respect of not knowing where he/she belongs to or what Religion they follow? For us we serve all the customers equally and respectfully.

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